Want a Boxing Gym without the Bruises? Look no further.

Location: 2 Marshland Rd, Hilton Head Island SC

Inside everyone is a fighter, you’ve just gotta set them free. If you are new, learn the basics first. Our arena is open 24 hours and is accessible to members at all times.  Gloves are required to hit the bags; no sparring.


Training Gear

Everlast Ultimate 8-Station Boxing Rig
Title Muai Thai Heavy Bags
Title Uppercut Heavy Bag
Title 150lb Ultra Heavy Bag
Title Round Timer
Title Speed Bag w Pro Swivel

*Gloves Required. Some Freebie Gloves Available, Also Rentals for $2 or Purchase a Set From Us

New to boxing and want an intro lesson?

Learn the basics: glove up, stance, footwork, 6 punches, combos, slip, roll, counters   

Small Group $35 per person (max 4)
Private lesson $65

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Scott Middleton

2 years Boxing Exp

"Boxing is the most enjoyable way to challenge your conditioning and get out that extra energy."

This is a clip from one of our girls only kickboxing classes. The drill we performed was called "rounds" 

How to wrap your hands and fingers for Kickboxing.

Posted by XP Fitness HHI on Tuesday, August 11, 2015