Community Building with Our Sponsorships

How can we as a membership work together to build and strengthen our community and thereby make it a safer and better place to live?  XP Fitness is deeply involved in our community and we ask you to join us, if you can.

Our charitable work is concentrated on bringing awareness and relief to important and similar causes:

  1. Reducing self-destructive violence through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and
  2. Reducing violence from disaffected youth via
  3. Helping bring Food to the hungry youth in the Philippines via Fight Hunger With Hunger

If you decide to join our cause you can help in several ways.  You can: 

  • Donate and/or help us raise money
  • Participate in our Fundraising Events
  • Invite us to get to know your community and how we can partner together



donations currently accepted at our front desk.  online donations coming soon!

Charitable Donations Raised

strengthening our community is just as important as becoming strong ourselves.

Submit your interest in helping us build strong community by completing the form below.

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