3 Teams will compete in a fitness training battle for GLORY, BRAGGING RIGHTS, 
PRIZES, & a GREAT overall team-building experience. 



The winner of the Chow VS Truffles XP Battle is...


Congratulations to all of Team Chow Daddy's fierce competitors.  
Your dedication to personal fitness and your strong desire to aide
in your team's success is what led you to victory.

Cheryl Davide
Price Beall
Juan Aguilar
Kayla Sklarz
Manuel Guzman
Jorge Hinojosa
Kieran Marshall


Final Results

Team Chow 4698 / 8160 XP for a total of 57.6% with 9 finishing players

Team Truffles 2930 / 6120 XP for a total of 47.9% with 7 finishing players




62.9% in week 3

Runners Up Price Beall 59.3% in week 4
Runner Up Cheryl Davide 58.1% in week 2



Jeanine Gleason 720 ...100% Perfect!
Heather Lossada 700 ...97%
Paul Paulauskas 660 ...92%
Amanda Schultz 635 ...88%
Fernando Lossada 625 ...87%
Kayla Sklarz 620 ...86%


Thanks you everyone for your participation.  It's been a pleasure for all of us at XP to work with you and to host your competition.  We hope you enjoyed the challenge.


(31 Bootees)
You got the boot because your score fell below 25%.  
You are no longer elidgible for Team prizes, however
you are still participating to win The Boot League!!

Chandler Ellis
Andron Patterson
Adam Kough
Christanna Stamp
Morgan Powers
Abby Weiland
Kate Micharlsen

Phoebe Dandeneau
Gloria Astudillo
Thomas Brabham
Teo Munivez
Amy Usefara
Stephanie Johnson
Adam Taylor
Preston Landes
Kendall Salter
Manuel Lobaton
Megan Lyons
Terrell Mungin
Maria Ines Candelario
Pam Balsamo
Riley Chafer
Hannah Polacci
Claire Barnes
Daniel Beshai
Peter Richardson
Brandon Carpenter
Stori Pemberton
Madalyn Boccio
Keith Gadson
Ronald Scriven


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Rules are subject to change until the competition starts on the 21st.

Teams will be made based on location.  Scores will be averaged to accommodate unevenly sized teams.  

  • Truffles Sea Pines
  • Truffles Bluffton
  • Chow Daddys

The objective for each player is to score points (XP) by completing their workouts as prescribed by their XP Coach.  Each player's XP will add to their teams total.  There are limits to the amount of possible XP earned each week, therefore the team with the highest % XP out of their total possible will win.  


To train, track workouts, and earn XP, each player will be given their own username and password for XP Fitness Online.  There are two options for tracking: interactive Mobile App (Fitness Builder) or on the web at XPFitness.com/train.  

There are 4 categories of workouts to be completed.  

  1. Strength Training 20xp | weekly max 60xp
  2. Cardio 10xp | weekly max 30xp
  3. H.I.I.T. 1xp per sprint | weekly max 10xp
  4. Recovery 5xp | weekly max 20xp

MAX WEEKLY TOTAL: 120XP  ...120 would be a perfect score for the week.  Your goal is to make every week a 120 week so that you ensure victory.

Weeks 1-4 XP each team's XP will be updated at www.xpfitness.com/CHOWvsTRUFFLES.  Final 2 weeks no XP will be posted until the Finale on June 2nd 930am at XPFitness  


FACEBOOK | Post a Facebook picture of you and at least one other member of your team working out together + tag XPFitnessHHI + #XPChallenge #yourteamname.  Earn 2XP each post. Limit 1 post per workout. Max 10XP per week per team

INDIVIDUAL GOAL - BODYFAT% REDUCTION | Any individual looking to compete with themselves for reducing body fat% will be given the opportunity to have the bc% measured at Kickoff and 6 weeks later at Finale.   A reduction in body composition by 2-3.9% will earn your team 50XP; a reduction in body composition 4% or more will earn your team 100XP.  Anyone wishing to create an alternate goal due to current low bc% is able to choose their own new goal but must be approved by XPFitness.   


Strength | There are 3 programs to choose from: beginner, intermediate, advanced.  Choose the one that is appropriate for you by reading through the descriptions at xpfitness.com or by consulting with one of our trainers at the kickoff.  You can change your program during the event at any time you need.  

Cardio | 30-60min of sustained exercise.  Beginners may select light cardio such as brisk walking.  Intermediate is expected to push themselves with a mixture of light and hard cardio (running, jump rope, boxing drills, basketball, etc).  Advanced lifters are expected to perform hard cardio most of the time with occasional light cardio mixed in.

HIIT |  ALWAYS warm up before you sprint.  No doubt you'll pull a muscle if you sprint cold.  Sprints can be performed running, biking, or on an elliptical.  It is not recommended you do sprints on a treadmill.  A good sprint lasts 10-20 seconds.  Beginners use 70-80% intensity as your sprint maximum.  Intermediate use discretion when sprinting and train smart.  Advanced make sure you are good and warm then give it all you got.  Take at least 1 minute to recover between sprints.  Stay hydrated and make sure to have a Gatorade near by if your blood sugar levels dip low from the sprints.  

Recovery | Stretching, Foam Rolling, Yoga, Massage, Self-Massage, Acupuncture, Tai Chi, hot bath, ice bath, or any other for of active recovery is accepted.  Regular and routine recovery activities do wonderful things for your body and mind, and therefore is a pivotal part of your well-rounded fitness program.


Each team will have an XP trainer to assist with technical and fitness questions via email (training@xpfitness.com).  Additional personal training assistance is co-sponsored by your organization so trainers will be available for hire at 50% off during the competition.

Yoga (Recovery) & Outdoor Interval Training (HIIT) group classes at XP will be available FREE during the competition

TEAM CAPTAINS & The captains challenge

Each week a new team captain will be named for each team.  At the end of the competition the captain which had the highest team XP during their week will receive an award, bragging rights for life, and a $50 gift card prize.  

The following is our list of the current captains which was created based on
the first members of each team to sign up.  The XP Trainers will help instruct you on how to
succeed in this challenge, but if you wish not to participate you must find a replacement
from your team before the start of your week.

Team Chow Daddys              Team Truffles Sea Pines              Team Truffles Bluffton

week 1 - Amanda Schultz           Jose Islas                                      Jeannine Gleason
week 2 - Cheryl Davide              Fernando Lossada                        Keith Gadson
week 3 - Heather Lossada           LaSha Milton                               Ronald Scriven
week 4 - Price Beall                    Mary Lossada                               Tulio Aparicio
week 5 - Zoe VanGorder            Abby Weiland                              Amy Usefara
week 6 - Juan Aguilar                 Paul Paulauskas                            Stephanie Johnson



This competition is done in the name of fun and team building.  We recognize logging your workouts relies entirely upon the honor system.  We hope there is no need to discuss consequences for cheating but should anyone intentionally break the rules and log workouts they don't do or fully complete, their entire team is subject to penalties including the inability to win any cash prizes.  


Having a gym membership will be required to complete some of the workouts, however membership at XP Fitness is not required. If you do not already have an existing gym membership your organization will sponsor your membership at XP Fitness for the duration of the competition.


Tuesday April 21st 930am-1030am or later if needed.

930am | Talk by Scott explaining rules of the game

940am | Bodycomp% testing & App Check to ensure readiness for training.  

10am | Kickoff Open workout time to start logging XP!!!

1030 to 11am | Additional Q&A 


FINALE Scheduled for June 2nd at 930am to announce winners!!!


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