Jeremiah Spires


Jeremiah is a high energy and motivated personal trainer.  He is passionate about achieving goals and as your trainer he will do everything in his power to help you be successful.

During his early years, Jeremiah excelled in athletics. He began with a short career in martial arts then moved to track, baseball, and football. Through it all he always maintained his foundation of athleticism through his dedication to strength training and conditioning.

Jeremiah is most interested in working with long term clients, 1 year or longer, who want to make a lifestyle change.  His method follows a scientific approach of progression and overload: continual but gradual improvement by slowing increasing the training challenges over time. 

He'll assess your current fitness level and set attainable goals. He'll coach and guide your through each workout with great detail and passion.  And in those hard times where you want to quit, he will encourage you with his positive outlook and personality.

Jeremiah embraces clients of all ages and is able to create a customized plan for each individual, catering to their specific needs and goals.

“Experience is the best teacher. Be passionate, dedicated, focused, and confident to make your dreams become reality.” -Coach J

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