The Beginner Program Summary

  • for lifters with 0-1 year experience
  • very low risk of injury
  • emphasis on machines
  • in single day one workout per category
  • XP Awarded per workout
    • Strength 1XP
    • Cardio 1XP  
    • Intervals 0
    • Rejuvenation 1XP  
  • 9XP Max per week
    • Strength 3XP per week
    • Cardio 3XP per week
    • Intervals 0 
    • Rejuvenation 3XP per week



First, you DO NOT need to follow our workouts in order to participate in the XP FITNESS app. Unlike many other fitness Apps, you will not be logging or recording your actual workout into this App.  We have made a series of strength training routines available to download and print but these workouts are just an optional resource. We hope you take ownership of your strength program by coming up with your own plans, following a plan from another source, or hiring a trainer to help you. That said, to keep our competition fair and promote responsible training, the program you decide to follow DOES need to meet our minimum criterion.   

An XP Fitness Strength program must consist of resisted isolation or compound exercises that are performed in a series of repetitions or 'reps' for 1 or more sets; a rest period of between 30sec and 2 min is typically taken between sets. This traditional strength training style is the safest and most effective way to develop strength and improve muscle tone.  You can use strength machines, free weights, bands, or body weight to perform the exercises. At-home video workouts won't do the trick so join your nearest highly reviewed gym and get ready to pump some iron.  


Warmup 5 minutes
4 exercises
1 to 2 sets per exercise
10 to 15 reps per set
8 total sets
45 minute time limit

*Stay fresh, choose new exercises frequently
*Build in balance, create routines that challenge your body evenly

Example: Legs and Abs Strength Workout

Warmup 5 min brisk incline walk on treadmill
Leg Press 2 Sets: 10 reps
Leg Extension 1 Set: 12 reps
Leg Curl 1 Set: 12 reps
Seated Calf Raise 2 Sets: 20 reps
Weighted Ab Crunch 2 Sets: 10 reps (slow)
Plank 1 Set Hold as long as possible with good form




 After decades of study, we know that a moderate cardio program is phenomenal for your overall health, energy, and vital statistics.  

If you are starting very out of shape, set your initial cardio goal to whatever you know you can achieve comfortably.  Maybe it's 5 minutes or less.  Slowly work your way up to 15 minutes with an elevated heart rate.  Seriously, don't overdo the intensity.  You should feel warm and breathe deeply but also be able to carry a light conversation.  Can't talk?  Slow down a bit.

Go outside for cardio when you can.  There are tons of options for cardio so keep it fresh by changing what you do all the time.
Examples: Walk/Run, Bike, Row, Stair Climber, Elliptical, Kayak, Dancing, Hoola Hoop


15 minutes sustained cardio
Easy to moderate Intensity




As a beginner, there is NO NEED to do intervals.  



Why would we assign XP for a synchronized hammocking date with your girl or man?  Because it is all too easy to feel as though our time is completely taken up by other commitments (work, training, house cleaning, kids, you-name-it) and there is no room to just sit back and relax.  Life is an experience not to be taken for granted.  Some of the best moments are the ones where we put ourselves in time out...or maybe it's time-in...perhaps its all in how you look at it.      

When it comes to selecting your rejuvenation activities keep your selections mindful, outdoors if possible, at least somewhat active, no alcohol smoking etc, and free from cell phone, TV, or any type of screen disruption.  Be sure to continue creating new rejuvenation activities for yourself and switch it up regularly.

Discover what rejuvenates you.  Maybe its a stretch routine or time on a foam roller.  Maybe try creating your own form of meditation.  Plop down a chair or blanket in a scenic location.  Put on some headphones and play the quietest softest music you've got.  Zen out.  Breathe deeply.  Let the stress in your face and your muscles loosen.  Relax and think positive thoughts.  Contemplate the things in life you love the most.  Toss negative thoughts into an imaginary landfill and dispose of them forever. Find yourself and be rejuvenated.


15 Minutes mindful therapeutic activity
No alcohol, smoking, etc
No phone TV or other screens

*Stay fresh, create different Rejuvenation activities
*Try sharing these activities with others to increase enjoyment


Disclaimer:  XP Fitness strives to help you perform exercise safely and with as little risk as possible, but there are inherent risks in all types of physical activity.  Please consult your doctor before beginning this or any type of exercise program.