beginner program Summary

  • Suggested for lifters with 0-1 year experience
  • 1-3 lifting days per week
  • very low risk of injury
  • emphasis on machines
  • 2-3 cardio days per week
  • No Intervals on this program
  • 2-5 rest & rejuvenation activities per week
  • XP Limits
    • Strength 2-3X per week
    • Cardio 2-3X per week
    • Intervals 0-2X per week
    • Rejuvenation 2-4X per week




beginner strength training (Strength 101-182)


This Beginner strength and conditioning program is recommended for lifters with 0-1 year of weight training experience and generally an all around healthy body.  You can start this program with aches and pains.  In many cases physical ailments diminish or go away completely after just a short while of training.  Sometimes there is an initial phase or soreness or achiness that is uncomfortable.  Don't be discouraged.  This is very often the exact growing process your body needs to go through to heal and get better.  Of course, our mission is to reduce your pain so please be sensible when judging if you are dealing with soreness vs pain.  Pain is never a good indicator and you should avoid training an area that has pain.

 This is a 2 day training split routine (sometimes known as an "A-B" split) where you alternate the workout every time you train.  If you train 2x a week its week1-AB week2-AB.  If you train 3 times a week its week1-ABA week2-BAB.  Make sense?  As a beginner you can also get away with doing just one weight training workout a week as a minimum.  Just remember to keep alternating each time.

The primary goal of this program is becoming comfortable exercising in a gym, pumping blood around your body, establishing an aerobic base of cardiovascular health, and improving your body's response to exercise.    

The secondary goal of this program is to control weight, lower body fat %, and elevate mood.

This is not a scary program.  Or at least it doesn't have to be.  We have tested this program with multiple healthy and experienced 20-75 year old men and women.  The majority of the exercises involved are done on a machine which makes learning to lift weights easier and with less risk of injury.

Clients who have trained on this program have experienced incredible health benefits such as weight loss, a healthier younger-feeling back and knees, improvements in posture, balance, and energy.  This program is tried and true.  

Combine this strength training program with the Cardio, and Rest & Rejuvenation and you will be a believer too.

Each cycle has 2 Strength workouts.  Perform 2-3 strength workouts per week.




 After decades of study, we know that a moderate cardio program is phenomenal for your overall health, energy, and vital statistics.  

If you are starting very out of shape, set your initial cardio goal to whatever you know you can achieve comfortably.  Maybe it's 5 minutes or less.  Slowly work your way up to 30 minutes with an elevated heart rate.  Don't overdo the intensity.  You should be able to carry a light conversation while doing cardio.  Can't talk?  Slow down a bit.

On the beginner program we think your primary goal is health and wellness, therefore we suggest the following:

Perform cardio 2 to 3 times a week for up to 30 minutes each time.




As a beginner, there is NO NEED to do intervals.  We've got you limited to 2 X per week -5 intervals each time- from this category and perhaps you shouldn't even attempt these until you've been comfortably training for several months.  If you love these and you want more, then you are probably also ready to upgrade to intermediate.  Just let us know.

Intervals is the top choice of coaches when it comes conditioning their athletes.  It is characterized by a warmup followed by a brief all-out effort that lasts 10-30 seconds followed by a recovery period lasting from 1-2 minutes.  Make sure to have plenty of water available when doing these.

Max bursts of speed tap into your nervous system on a whole new level which sparks the need for lowering body fat and develops the crucial "athletic" fast-twitch muscle fibers.  Starting this type of training can be a bit unnerving especially if you are older than 30 or have suspect knees.  We'll walk you through how to ease into Intervals so you don't get injured and you get hooked on it like your favorite brand of coffee.  

There are many modalities for Intervals including running sprints, biking sprints, running stairs, swimming sprints, metabolic kettlebell circuits, high-jump repeats, and more.  We refer to any type of high intensity training as a sprint.

For the Beginner program we don't really recommend Intervals - but if you must- start easy and limit to once a week

NO NEED to do intervals as a beginner

Max 2X per week - 5 Intervals each time




Photo by Ann Worthy/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Ann Worthy/iStock / Getty Images

Why would we assign XP for a synchronized hammocking date with your girl or man?  Because it is all to easy to feel as though our time is completely taken up by other commitments (work, training, house cleaning, kids, you-name-it) and there is no room to just sit back and relax.  Life is an experience not to be taken for granted.  Some of the best moments are the ones where we put ourselves in time out...or maybe it's time-in...perhaps its all in how you look at it.      

Discover what rejuvenates you.  Maybe its the stretch routine.  Maybe its cruising around town with the top off the Jeep.  Anything involving a screen is off-limits and anything involving fresh air is a great idea.  Maybe try creating your own form of meditation.  Plop down a chair or blanket in a scenic location.  Put on some headphones and play the quietest softest music you've got.  Zen out.  Breathe deeply.  Let the stress in your face and your muscles loosen.  Relax and think positive thoughts.  Contemplate the things in life you love the most.  Toss negative thoughts into an imaginary landfill where you can leave it and someone will dispose of them forever.   Find yourself and be rejuvenated.

2-4 X per week


live with purpose. Train with passion.



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Disclaimer:  XP Fitness strives to help you perform exercise safely and with as little risk as possible, but there are inherent risks in all types of physical activity.  Please consult your doctor before beginning this or any type of exercise program.