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Location: 2 Marshland Rd, Hilton Head Island SC

For locals looking to try us out, we offer a free day pass. Membership is reasonably priced and month to month billing.


Adults 18+

24 Hour Keycard Access

Primary   $50 per month
Add Fam  $35 per month


Minors 14 - 18

Limited to Staffed Hours

Primary $25 per month

Weekday   8a - 8p
Saturday    9a - 1p



1-Day   $15
Week   $40
Month  $65

Group Rates Available


Walk-ins welcome weekdays 8a-8p and Sat 9a-1p. Complete the form below to schedule an appointment.

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Contact Us (843) 842-3359 ||| Sales Hours Weekdays 8a - 8p Saturday 9a - 1p