Metabolic Testing RMR & VO2Max

Resting MEtabolic Rate (RMR)

This metabolic test determines how many calories you need to eat every day in order to reach your fitness goals (lose weight, gain weight, maintain). The RMR itself is a 20 min protocol performed by our one of our Metabolic Specialists whereby the subject, you, sit at rest while breathing into the oxygen sensing computer.  That's it, we take care of the rest and are able to read out your body's precise energy needs.  

The science behind this technology is pretty cool.  We use oxygen all day long to convert fat (stored energy) into energy the body can use.  The air we breath is 14% oxygen and the air you exhale will still have oxygen, just less than 14% depending on how much oxygen your body extracted from that breath.  So the difference in the amount of oxygen inhaled vs exhaled tells us your oxygen consumption.  Using formulas our software accurately and precisely can tell you how much energy (Calories) your body consumes at rest.  We can then use that information to determine you daily energy requirements and provide you with very helpful nutritional recommendations to help you lose or gain weight.

After we complete your test, your Metabolic Specialist will go over the results with you and explain the data and the basics of healthy nutrition so that you can this testing experience to make smart(er) nutritional choices.   

RMR Test $120


Maximum Aerobic Capacity (VO2Max)

The test is generally reserved for athletes, however it can also be used as an indicator of general health.  This test protocol is vigorous and requires physician approval if you are over the age of 50, and/or are 30+ lbs overweight, and/or have risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, personal or family history of heart disease.

The VO2 Max test is used to evaluate your peak aerobic performance.  Think, Lance Armstrong.  This guy has a VO2 Max that is pretty much off the charts.  The savvy competition in endurance sports use this metric to evaluate not just their performance but also the efficacy of their training regiment.  What is my VO2 prior to training vs after training?  Did I reach my goal?  How does my VO2 stack up against other competitors in my field?

All this information is obtained and explained by one of our VO2 Max testing specialists.

Full VO2 Max Test $120

Vo2 Max Comparison Chart (Men)

Vo2 Max Comparison Chart (Men)

VO2 Max Comparison Chart (Women)

VO2 Max Comparison Chart (Women)

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Josh Itkor, CSCS
Metabolic Testing Specialist

Contact Josh to schedule your fitness test: (843)842-3359 or

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RMR in progress