XP Fitness Online uses training principles established by NSCA and NASM


Why our programs are the best

We designed the program within XP Fitness to look just like the ones being used by today's top personal trainers and strength coaches.  You begin at the beginning and take one step at a time.  

Both the beginner and intermediate programs are a 2-day training split, which means you alternate between 2 different workouts each time you train.  Your goal is to perform each one of those workouts at least once per week.  

The advanced training program uses a 3-day weight training split.  In order to maintain balance of muscle development, you are required to consistently train 3 times a week on the advanced program.  

At the end of 6 weeks if you have completed each workout at least 4 times (hopefully 5 or 6), we send you your next training cycle which progresses you to a new set of exercises and challenges.  

From cycle to cycle there is a programmed variation in set, rep, and weight structure called periodization which creates muscle confusion, prevents training plateaus, and boosts your body's adaptation to training.  Plus, it makes it more fun and interesting.

The start of each training cycle is a recovery week where you are simply focusing on learning the new movements and getting the hang of the new routine.  Each week after that you step up the intensity and achieve more, except on the advanced program where you can add in a second recovery week at either week 4, 5, or 6 depending on how your energy levels are feeling.  It's a tough program and de-loading is an important part of keeping your energy and excitement about training up.

Our database has over 7000 different exercises and we are constantly progressing and updating the program so you can train with us forever and always experience new challenges.  By following our program you will get results faster with less chance of injury and you'll stay interested in your constantly evolving workouts.


I never in a million years thought I’d get this far.
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