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On the following page we are going to ask you to complete a registration form so we can get to know you.  Some of the information is basic personal (Name, Address, Phone Number etc.) and some of our questions inquire about your fitness and medical health.  This questionnaire is taken from the exact same paperwork that we as trainers have used with our clients for decades.  

The information tells us a lot about you and is vital for us to help guide you safely and appropriately through the right program.  

We NEVER share, sell, or give our your information with any affiliates or 3rd parties.  We value your trust and your privacy.  So please complete these forms as accurately and completely as you can.  

This is a Risk-Free 30 Day Trial but we are asking you to make a commitment of beginning your billing cycle upon signup.  Your first payment will be processed once you register and you will be billed monthly thereafter.  Should you be dissatisfied with the program in the first 30 days and wish to discontinue, simply email us with a brief explanation (so we can improve) and no matter the reason we will refund 100% of your money.

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