Earn a 20% ongoing discount for every referral 

We have dedicated ourselves to growth without paid advertising because we'd rather pay our customers to help us grow.

The Rules

1. Only active members of XP Fitness can earn referral residuals  

What is "Active" status?

  • Your membership payments are in good standing with no balance due  
  • You are achieving the required minimum avg # of workouts each and every month
    • Cardio and HIIT count to your total

-Beginner 1 per week 

-Intermediate 2 per week 

-Advanced 3 per week

Failing to achieve the required minimum in a one month period will prompt a warning email or text.  2 consecutive months without the minimum training will result in forced Inactive status.

Canceling your subscription to XP Fitness will make you Inactive.

Becoming Inactive will permanently reset your residual referrals

Warning: Once Inactive, re-starting your membership will not reactivate your previously created residuals.

If you wish to take some time off for personal or medical reasons, send us a brief email explanation at training@XPFitness.com BEFORE you become Inactive and we'll hold your Active status for you.  Generally we'll hold it for 1 month but exceptions may apply.  


2. Your referral must put your name on the "Who referred you?" line during registration

If your referral forgets to put your name on that line, you have 7 days from the point of signup to email us at Training@XPFitness.com and we'll grant you credit.

Only one person can earn the referral.  Sorry, no split rewards.  It's just too much to track. 

We encourage you to participate in the successful launch of a new member.  If you are present to help them through the signup process and aid them in becoming familiar with the App, then you will also be present to help them ensure you receive proper credit.


3. The reward for a referral is a 20% reduction from the initial cost of your membership dues for the lifetime of your referrals

Referral # - Your New Membership dues

1 - $52

2 - $39

3 - $26

4 - $13

5 - $0   That's right.  Free Training AND eligibility to become an Ambassador (earn income for more referrals)

You will be notified via email anytime you have a new referral sign up or one of your referrals cancels. 

If someone who had formerly been your referral cancels and signs back up, you will not receive the new residual unless they put your name on the "who referred you?" line during re-registration.

XP Fitness members currently receive a 60 Day money-back guarantee, therefore no residuals will be paid during this time.  Once the 60 days is up and the referral becomes an official member, you will receive the discount.

You can earn income for the referrals you generate beyond #5 by becoming an Ambassador.  There are some requirements to this including your success on the training program, your engagement on social media, continuing to generate referrals, and representing the ethical code of XP Fitness.  

4. Become an XP Ambassador

Becoming an ambassador is a distinguished title we give to our members who complete the following requirements:

  • Desire to become a part of the mission to help others make physical activity a part of daily life
  • Successfully and consistently meet the minimum training requirements of your workout program
  • Demonstrate connectivity with our larger community via engagement on our FB or other social media platforms
  • Initially must have at least 5 referrals generated
  • Must complete an application which includes basic eligibility requirements to earn Independent Contractor payments from us
  • Understand that your income will be reported to the IRS for tax purposes and you will receive a 1099 from us at end of year

There is NO LIMIT to your referral residual.

If you collect over $600 in one year you will receive a 1099 from us because we legally have to.  If that happens, and we hope it does, you will have officially turned fitness into your business!