15 minutes sustained cardio
Easy to moderate Intensity


After decades of study, we know that a moderate cardio program is phenomenal for your overall health, energy, and vital statistics.  

If you are starting very out of shape, set your initial cardio goal to whatever you know you can achieve comfortably.  Maybe it's 5 minutes or less.  Slowly work your way up to 15 minutes with an elevated heart rate.  Seriously, don't overdo the intensity.  You should feel warm and breathe deeply but also be able to carry a light conversation.  Can't talk?  Slow down a bit.

Go outside for cardio when you can.  There are tons of options for cardio so keep it fresh by changing what you do all the time.
Examples: Walk/Run, Bike, Row, Stair Climber, Elliptical, Kayak, Dancing, Hoola Hoop