Our Personal Trainers

Scott Middleton
Owner & General Manager

16 years training experience
BS Kinesiology
NASM Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
AFPA Nutritional Adviser

Josh Itkor
Personal Trainer

15 years training experience
BS English Literature
Div 1 Soccer Athlete
NSCA Personal Trainer
Sports Conditioning
Senior Fitness

Siobhan (Sha-vawn) Bilecki
Personal Trainer

19 years training exp
BS Physical Education
NASM Personal Trainer
Women's Strength Specialist
English/Spanish Bilingual


Laura Petersen
Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Yogi, Spiritual Warrior & Badass.

20 years training experience
20 years massage experience
Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Esthetician
Certified Yoga Instructor

Patrick Mulgrew
Kickboxing and Kali Martial Arts Coach

Areli Fernandez
Personal Trainer

Chris Brooks
Boxing Coach

6 years Boxing Training Experience
President of University of Illinois Boxing Club

Jeremiah Spires
Personal Trainer 

13 years training exp
AA Business
AFPA Sports Conditioning Specialist
AFPA Personal Trainer
AFPA Nutritional Adviser
Award winning Athlete, Powerlifter, & Bodybuilder

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We are XP Fitness clients who have proven our passion for fitness and use our success stories to inspire others. 

Tracy B. (Online Client)

Start Date: Jan 25, 2014 

Story - Tracy had severe injuries to her back and shoulder following a motorcycle accident.   That plus a few other medical setbacks left her unwell and unsure of how to get stronger and put the situation in the past.  Surgery was ruled out.  Therapy had been exhausted and she needed more help.   She found us and we began her with a custom corrective program until she was able to take on the beginner GSCb program.  She carefully progressed to the intermediate GSCi program and currently trains/crushes it on the Advanced PowerBuilding program.   Tracy is truly an incredible success story and we are proud to have her be our first ambassador.

Accolade - Consistent XP leader on the charts.

Motto - Be your own #1 fan.  Cheer yourself on.  And never ever EVER give up on YOU.


XP Fitness Ambassador (bio coming soon)

XP Fitness Ambassador (bio coming soon)


XP Fitness Ambassador (bio coming soon)

XP Fitness Ambassador (bio coming soon)

XP Fitness Ambassador (bio coming soon)