XP FITNESS Strength 101

This Beginner strength and conditioning program is recommended for lifters with 0-1 year of weight training experience and generally an all around healthy body.  You can start this program with aches and pains.  In many cases physical ailments diminish or go away completely after just a short while of training.  Sometimes there is an initial phase or soreness or achiness that is uncomfortable.  Don't be discouraged.  This is very often the exact growing process your body needs to go through to heal and get better.  Of course, our mission is to reduce your pain so please be sensible when judging if you are dealing with soreness vs pain.  Pain is never a good indicator and you should avoid training an area that has pain.

 This is a 2 day training split routine (sometimes known as an "A-B" split) where you alternate the workout every time you train.  If you train 2x a week its week1-AB week2-AB.  If you train 3 times a week its week1-ABA week2-BAB.  Make sense?  As a beginner you can also get away with doing just one weight training workout a week as a minimum.  Just remember to keep alternating each time.

The primary goal of this program is becoming comfortable exercising in a gym, pumping blood around your body, establishing an aerobic base of cardiovascular health, and improving your body's response to exercise.    

The secondary goal of this program is to control weight, lower body fat %, and elevate mood.

This is not a scary program.  Or at least it doesn't have to be.  We have tested this program with multiple healthy and experienced 20-75 year old men and women.  The majority of the exercises involved are done on a machine which makes learning to lift weights easier and with less risk of injury.

Clients who have trained on this program have experienced incredible health benefits such as weight loss, a healthier younger-feeling back and knees, improvements in posture, balance, and energy.  This program is tried and true.  

Combine this strength training program with the Cardio, and Rest & Rejuvenation and you will be a believer too.