XP Strength 201

Intermediate is recommended for lifters with 1-2 years of weight training experience and generally an all around healthy body.  This is a 2 day training split routine (sometimes known as an "A-B" split) where you alternate the workout every time you train.  If you train 2x a week its week1-AB week2-AB.  If you train 3 times a week its week1-ABA week2-BAB.  Make sense?

The primary goal of this program is developing core strength and learning the fundamental movement patters of push, pull, squat, plank, & twist while using free weight exercises.    

The secondary goal of this program is to improve aerobic strength and lower body fat %.

This is not a scary program.  Or at least it doesn't have to be.  We have tested this program with multiple healthy and experienced 20-75 years old men and women.  The exercises involved are more challenging than the machine work of a simpler fitness program but almost every person who ventures into the world of free weights discovers that that is where the fun is.  And also the big benefits.  

Clients who have trained on this program have experienced incredible side benefits such as a healthier younger-feeling back and knees with improvements in posture, balance, and energy.  This program is tried and true.  

Combine this Strength training program with the Cardio, Intervals, and Rejuvenation and you will be a believer too.