1 : XP Fitness Personal Trainer App

It’s like having a portable personal trainer ready to train anytime, anywhere.    

$0 Free Version w Gym Membership

Choose from literally 1,000+ workouts. Navigate your workout using crisp HD pictures, videos, and descriptions. Compatible for iOS and Android.

$20/month Personal Account w/ XP Programming

Begin at either the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level and navigate through a series of progressing programs at your own pace. Log workouts to save your weights and reps in exercise history.

*1 year contract.

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     "I can't believe how far I've come."
-Tracy B


"It NEVER gets stale."
-Shannon H 


"I hit my goal.  Wow.  Just an amazing feeling."
-Todd W

2: The XP Fitness Challenge App

This one is currently in development

The XP Fitness Challenge App is the ultimate test of your training willpower. Compete with yourself and others to accumulate points, XP, by recording your completed strength, cardio, intervals, and rejuvenation workouts.


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Suggested for 0-1 year experience

Suggested for 1-2 years experience

Suggested for 2+ years experience


Disclaimer:  XP Fitness strives to help you perform exercise safely and with as little risk as possible, but there are inherent risks in all types of physical activity.  Please consult your doctor before beginning this or any type of exercise program.