The XP Fitness Story

Our mission is and always will be to do everything in our power to help you reach your goals.

Backstory. The XP story began in 2004 when personal training team Glen and Yvette Carrigan created a semi-private personal training studio, Progressive Health & Fitness.  In 2010 Progressive was purchased by local personal trainer, Josh Itkor. Josh retained the services of its congenial and hard working GM, Jimmy Rollison. Together Josh and Jimmy embarked on the mission to rebrand Progressive as The Center for Health, Fitness, and Sports Performance.  They added new fitness equipment, upgraded amenities, installed a 24hr access system, and brought in a metabolic testing and prescription exercise service. Most importantly, they created a unique culture for a gym in which hard work ethic and positivity came together in a truly welcoming atmosphere.  

Scott Middleton was hired as The Center's Membership Manager in July 2013 and after the period of about one year, the opportunity for him to take on the ownership role was presented.  On December 10, 2014 the decision was made and with much excitement Scott began the creative project that would become XP Fitness.  

The Brand. Scott and the trainers at XP share a love of heroes, comics, video games, and the idea of 'leveling up'.  It naturally followed to design the gym, subtly, with Superman blue and to name the gym XP Fitness where XP is a gamer's abbreviation for Experience Points which are used to level up your character.  The permeating notion of this gym is to build oneself up to be better prepared for what life throws at you.  Basically we created a 'Danger Room' (XMen reference) for everyday people.  To us, it makes fitness fun. It's a little geeky but the message is true to who we are and its balanced by our FOR REAL heavy-duty strength training & conditioning gym.

The Facility. XP was kept open 24hrs while a renovation slowly took place using working capital from each month's proceeds. Over the course of 2 years the XP brand took form within the facility. A paint scheme of Superman blue, black, and white was applied throughout. A bright daylight LED lighting system was installed. Rubber floors were cast throughout in place of carpet. AND THEN we constructed a fully equipped Powerlifting Room complete with dual squat racks, olympic bench, and olympic lifting platform. We expanded into vacant space to produce a pulse-pounding Kickboxing Arena. We setup a Functional Training and Conditioning zone with plyo boxes, rowing machine, tires, battle ropes, prowler, and more. Lastly we replenished all the older cardio equipment with a fresh set of True Fitness treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and a badass stair climber.

Today (Feb 22, 2017), XP is proud to say we have quadrupled membership over the last 2.5 years and are home to over 450 members (a record at this location). The facility is near completion with goals of better outside signage, bringing in some cool mural artwork to fill some of the empty wall space, and honestly whatever is needed next.

Our 'Why'. This gym has a fresh and young culture of trainers and staff who believe in our mission to build a stronger community one member at a time. We are driven by the question of : 'What are we at our best?'.

So if you are hungry to grow and be a part of a culture of confident, optimistic, positive, and strong people then we invite you to join us and be a part of our growing community.


As time passes by we see some wonderful people enter into and out of our lives. These are the people who have helped make XP possible.


Scott Middleton
Owner & General Manager

16 years training experience
BS Kinesiology
NASM Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
AFPA Nutritional Adviser


Siobhan (Sha-vawn) Bilecki
Personal Trainer

19 years training exp
BS Physical Education
NASM Personal Trainer
Women's Strength Specialist
English/Spanish Bilingual

Jeremiah Spires
Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

13 years training exp
AA Business
AFPA Sports Conditioning Specialist
AFPA Personal Trainer
AFPA Nutritional Adviser
Award winning Athlete, Powerlifter, & Bodybuilder


Laura Petersen
Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Yogi, Spiritual Warrior & Badass.

20 years training experience
20 years massage experience
Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Esthetician
Certified Yoga Instructor

Josh Itkor
Personal Trainer

15 years training experience
BS English Literature
Div 1 Soccer Athlete
NSCA Personal Trainer
Sports Conditioning
Senior Fitness


Nathan Isely
Assistant Personal Trainer

Soccer Goalie
Fitness Enthusiast
Here to help anyway I can.

Patrick Mulgrew

info and picture coming soon






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We are XP Fitness clients who have proven our passion for fitness and use our success stories to inspire others. 

Tracy B. (Online Client)

Start Date: Jan 25, 2014 

Story - Tracy had severe injuries to her back and shoulder following a motorcycle accident.   That plus a few other medical setbacks left her unwell and unsure of how to get stronger and put the situation in the past.  Surgery was ruled out.  Therapy had been exhausted and she needed more help.   She found us and we began her with a custom corrective program until she was able to take on the beginner GSCb program.  She carefully progressed to the intermediate GSCi program and currently trains/crushes it on the Advanced PowerBuilding program.   Tracy is truly an incredible success story and we are proud to have her be our first ambassador.

Accolade - Consistent XP leader on the charts.

Motto - Be your own #1 fan.  Cheer yourself on.  And never ever EVER give up on YOU.


XP Fitness Ambassador (bio coming soon)

XP Fitness Ambassador (bio coming soon)


XP Fitness Ambassador (bio coming soon)

XP Fitness Ambassador (bio coming soon)

XP Fitness Ambassador (bio coming soon)