Bring Your Chalk: We are Powerlifting Friendly

Location: 2 Marshland Rd, Hilton Head Island SC

We have installed a dedicated Powerlifting room with all the essentials. The space is more than adequate for the usage we see in our facility. It’s rare to wait for a rack or platform to open up, though working in is encouraged when this happens.

The Powerlifting room is not something we built to sound cool but really don’t want you to load the bar. This is a serious training environment where intensity is encouraged and good lifting form is preached. Curtains have been installed post taking this picture so you can choose to cover the mirror and practice for competition.

Powerlifting Gym Hilton Head SC.jpg

What’s Inside

2x Rogue SML-2 Racks w/ Weight Storage
Deadlifting/Olympic Lifting Platform
Rogue Hi-Temp Bumper Plates
Chalk Bucket, Chains, Bars, & PR’s
Sorinex Competition Bench Press (not pictured)
Reverse Hyper (not pictured)