Do points matter?

I have been asked a few times now, "What do the points do for you?  I mean, do you get something when you level up?"  The quick answer is, no, you don't really get any thing when you level up, BUT perhaps there is still a real benefit.  At least, we think so.  

Have you ever debated with yourself over wether or not it's worth taking the time to work out today?  Sometimes the deciding factor for not training is simply that it's hard to get started and maybe it was a tough day already so you just don't have the energy.  

It's easier to win that debate if your effort is counted.  WE CARE that you take the time to train today.  We want you to set this time aside for yourself even when you are busy or rather especially when you are busy.  And we show you that we care by counting your effort into a numerical XP score.

Personally, I have found it easier to carve out the time for Rest and Rejuvenation activities ever since I knew I was earning points for it.  My life is as busy as the next working dad and I have already set aside the time to do cardio, sprints, and the advanced weight training program.  It is SO HARD to take more of my time away from my family to stretch, do yoga, or meditate in some fashion.  

Now, because I have a goal to earn a balanced amount of XP, I find the time for R&R.  Often it requires I include my family in my R&R which is even better.  They love it and I love it.  I am always so thankful to myself for doing it, and I think you will be too.  

Thanks for listening, now let's end the workout debate and go earn some points.

Scott Middleton, CSCS

XP Fitness Coach