"The Impact Room" is nearing completion

2 months ago we began the project to eliminate wasted sq footage in the gym and create "The Impact Room".  Here is what we've done so far:

  • demised 3 unused office spaces
  • brought space up to fire code with sprinklers
  • cleared  the rubble to open up an additional 800-1000 sq ft of training space
  • eliminated certain unutilized pieces of equipment
  • raised the ceiling height from 9 ft to open 20ft warehouse ceilings
  • Installed ceiling mount lighting to complete warehouse style  
  • Adjusted HVAC to be more energy efficient
  • Installed motion sensor lighting to be more energy efficient
  • replaced low ceiling fans with industrial wall mount oscillating fans on timers
  • purchased 5 Muy Thai style heavy bags to install for Kickboxing
  • purchased 2" thick mats for climbing area

Here's what we have left to do:

  • Paint (Current concept: black backdrop with neon green/yellow decals
  • Install Bags
  • Replace carpet flooring with Rubber and Turf
  • Remove remaining cluttering items
  • Install Wall Mount Storage 
  • Install Climbing Ropes
  • Install Olympic Rings
  • lay out the mats

We hope you like the progress of our Impact Room and we are truly excited to offer the completed project hopefully by the end of summer 2015.