Gym Etiquette: How Not to Be A Newbie

Be Respectful & Polite

  • Put your weights back
  • Wipe sweat of machines, benches, etc
  • Don’t talk on your cell phone
  • Don’t “loiter” on a machine you aren't using… someone may be waiting for it
  • Allow others to “work-in” during your rest break
  • Superset/Circuit courteously.  You cannot lay claim to more than one space at a time
  • Don’t take pictures of other people
  • Don’t be smelly.  Use deodorant, be clean, and “scent” neutral (no heavy perfume)
  • Wear clean & appropriate workout attire
    • No work boots on the treadmills
    • Shirt always required
    • Shoes required with limited exception (ie. Yoga)
  • Keep conversations brief while on the fitness floor to keep workouts moving
  • Don’t ask for advice from a trainer while they are working with a client
  • Step back at least 3 ft from dumbbell rack after grabbing weights
  • Headphones are a polite “do not disturb” sign

Train Smart

  • Follow the written instructions on each machine
  • If unsure how to properly use a machine, ask a friendly staff member
  • Free weight and body weight exercises are meant to be creative and fun, but know how to safely perform the exercise before you try it
  • Keep at least 3ft distance away from someone doing a free weight exercise
  • Make sure you have at least 3ft of clear space before starting a free weight exercise
  • Use safety collars on free weight bars
  • Don’t lean on or throw anything (ie. med ball) against the wall
  • Don’t put hands on or lean against the mirrors
  • If you “mist” on the mirror, please wipe off with your towel

Treat Facility with Respect

  • Use one workout towel per workout
  • Use workout towel to wipe your body/face.  Use the green spray and rag to wipe machines
  • If you move a bench or other piece of equipment, return it after you’re done
  • Use one or two shower towels per shower
  • If floor is wet after your shower, use additional towel to mop up water.  It is okay to leave another towel on the floor as a floor mat
  • Extra toilet paper is in the tower next to the toilet.  Replace as needed
  • Used towels go in the laundry basket (locker room / front desk)