Yin Yoga Now Enrolling!

Incredibly popular Yin Yoga Stretch is coming back to XP Fitness!!

Where: XP FITNESS - private session in Kickboxing Arena (Bags taken down)
When: Saturdays 8am - 9am from March 5th to May 28th
Cost: $240 for the whole program.  Attend at least 12 of 13 to receive $20 back!

These stretch classes are specifically designed for the client looking to significantly improve flexibility and mobility in the hips, hamstrings, and lower back. While this class is performed entirely on the mat in either a seated or lying position, it is not recommended for folks who do not already have at least some degree of flexibility. Most of the poses will challenge you to some level of discomfort, but that's what really creates lasting change. 

All positions are held for 3-4 minutes and you will progress deeper into the stretch in a series of "levels". You can expect this class to take you further than you've gone before and leave you feeling loose and relaxed. 

We are looking for 8 students who would like to pre-register for a 3-month 'semester' of weekly Saturday morning classes from 8am to 9am. First class is March 5th to May 28th. The cost of the 3 month program is $240. This class is LIMITED and on a first come first serve basis so register and pay in full to reserve your spot.