max out your energy the natural way

Your Basic Formula for MAX Energy = ~8hrs Sleep + Healthy Food + Moderate Exercise

If you just heard yourself say, "duh", consider the fact that despite its simplicity, almost everyone fails to establish these basic body nourishing habits.  Now let's talk about these 3 factors and how to implement them so they start going to work for you.  

1-Sleep.  Do you sometimes stay up later than you want to because you can't fall asleep?  You may be in the zombie-caffeine cycle: You're tired so you drink caffeine.  The buzz wears off so you think its out of your system, but really its chemical effects are still in operation leaving you in a late night tired-but-not-sleepy state.  Then you wake up the next day exhausted and begin the cycle all over.

Break this habit by reducing your caffeine intake to 2 measuring cups of non-superoctane coffee per day.  Don't consume caffeine after noon.  Period.  *Note It will be easier to reduce caffeine if you add in healthy food and moderate exercise.*

2-Healthy Food.  Food comes from plants and animals.  If it came from a box or a wrapper, it's candy.  "But Scott, what about pasta or cliff bars or oats or pretzels or special K?"  ... It's candy.  

Eat as much fresh fruit, fresh veggies, fish, meat, eggs, sweet potatoes and beans as you want.  Add in some bran, your 2 measuring cups of coffee, and some small amount of that "candy" mentioned before and you've got yourself a solid meal plan.  Of course you can style this program to fit your needs, but these are the basic staples for stable long lasting energy.

3-Moderate Exercise. An object at rest stays at rest.  Still water becomes stagnant.  Sedentary people have low energy.  Yes, it is going to take a little energy to get yourself moving, but once you get going you will unlock the energy boost you desire.    

Over-exercising is just as bad as being sedentary.  Long miles and workouts lasting over an hour wear out your central nervous system and crash your energy.  A smart exercise program will look like this:

  • 2 or 3 days a week of weight training (15 sets max per workout)
  • 2 or 3 days a week of cardio (30 minutes max)
  • 1 day of High Intensity Interval Training: Sprints, Kickboxing, Bike Sprints, Swim Sprints, Sports conditioning drills (Max 10 sprints)
  • 2-4 days of Rejuvenation (Stretch, Foam Roll, Restorative Yoga)

There you have it.  That's my formula for maxing out your energy the natural way.  Now get yourself into the gym, shop smart at the grocery store, control your caffeine intake, sleep like a baby, and start feelin' GREAT.