Impact Room AKA Kickboxing Arena Ready for Action!

Its been a long few months preparing this space but The Impact Room is now ready for action!  The space has been opened, the walls are painted, new rubber flooring is down, and the heavy bags are up!  Now that the space is useable, we have begun calling it the Kickboxing Arena.  We are running classes almost every day and we seem to have more and more interest from our members in this new addition.  

One of our members, Donnie, said to us the other day, "Kickboxing is the most fun I have EVER had working out."  And its not just for the guys.  In fact, our female members have been the slight majority in our classes and in private instruction.  

Check out our Kickboxing page for current schedule of classes.

So what's next?  We will be building or purchasing storage units to hold all the toys in our new space.  Beyond that, we look to improve some other areas in the gym by continuing the rubber flooring throughout and brightening the mood with some more color.  

We never stop trying to improve our gym and we hope you have the same dedication to your training.