Improving Again - New Layout New Machines

XP Fitness 2018.jpg


Today we upgraded the gym with a new layout.  Here's how we did it. 

First, we took measurements of the whole gym.  Had blue prints - they were off.  This is a game of inches.  

Then we measured every single machine.  We have 25 strength machines at XP Fitness.

The hard part came next.  I (Scott here) was up until 3am using a software program to move the machines around virtually creating an organization of machines based on machine type, the surroundings, and creating intelligent walk ways.  

Then there was today.  Areli and Brandon, gym managers here at XP Fitness, helped me move at least half of all our machines using boards, sliders, a pallet jack, and muscle.

The reason for this move was to accommodate 3 new machines we have coming to us hopefully this week.  No revealing here, that will be my next post.