XP Update: NEW TOYS!

We’re thrilled to roll out a few new goodies for your regular GET SOME sessions at XP Fitness. We’ve hit up Rogue Fitness for their latest and greatest and soon you’ll be getting shredded on some of earth’s finest fitness equipment.

Coming up first, we’ve got the Monster Lite Matador for some serious dips. The Matador is a breeze to adjust, and the comfort grips mean your triceps and chest will cry “uncle” long before your hands do.

Then, we’re blasting your core with the badass rig known as the Rogue Landmines. Landmine presses and rows, cleans, deadlifts, the standing barbell Russian twist… you can do it all on this machine to build some seriously explosive core strength.

And finally, you’re going to be needing extra tickets to the gun show after you try out our new Rogue Arm Blaster. We know you love your bicep curls and this thing takes the old-school weightlifting belt to high-tech new dimensions to help you isolate the biceps and make ‘em pop.

Check out all the new gear at XP Fitness, and let us know how you like ‘em by sharing your photos on Facebook and Instagram and tagging us!