XP FITNESS Weight Loss Challenge in Hilton Head Was Big Success and Raised $695 to Fight Hunger

XP FITNESS Weight Loss Challenge in Hilton Head Was Big Success and Raised $695 to Fight Hunger

Periodically XP Fitness will run a challenge to inspire our members to live a little healthier and improve their body composition. This year we conducted a January weight loss competition that was truly exceptional and the results prove it. 

First, we paired with a local resident's nonprofit organization Fight Hunger With Hunger (www.fighthungerwithhungercorp.org) so all donations raised during this challenge would benefit the underprivileged and malnourished children in the Philippines.

Okay so when we were designing this challenge it was decided that we wanted to inspire truly healthy changes, not just weight loss that might incentivize unhealthy behavior like a crash diet or dehydration.  Every participant had their bodyfat % measured to determine how many lbs of fat and how many lbs of lean tissue were in their body. 

Then, a point system was created:

  • earn 1 pt for every lb of fat lost
  • earn 1 pt for every lb of lean tissue added
  • lose 1 pt for every lb of fat gained
  • lose 1 pt for every lb of lean tissue lost

14 brave XP Fitness members joined the challenge.  Here were their results:

  • $695 was raised for Fight Hunger With Hunger
  • Overall the group lost 33.5lbs of fat
  • Overall the group added 14.7 lbs of lean tissue

High Scores:
Scott Middleton 8.8 points
Jack Giampolo 8.4 points
Kyle Ramsey 5.0 points
Frank Grywalski 3.4 points
John Hancock 3.2 points
Sebastian Silva 2.3 points
Frank Kyle 2.2 points
Lance Little 1.2 points
Josh Rodriguez 1.1 points

XP wishes everyone who participated a huge that you for all your contributions to this incredible cause.  We have prizes for our top 6 members for their extraordinary performances. Being that I ran the comp (scott here) and won the comp, the only prize I need is to know I helped organize a good thing here. 

Round 2 of this competition is coming in March 1-30 for a rematch or to continue making progress. Sign up with your $35 entry fee at the front desk and pledge $5 per lb of fat burned. Email Scott at Training@XPFitness.com to schedule your intro bodyfat% analysis.

Thank you to all our sponsors for your generous prize donations!

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