Member Success Story: Meet Nestor

Nestor has lost 100lbs since joining XP Fitness!!

Nestor has lost 100lbs since joining XP Fitness!!

Back home in Uruguay, XP Fitness member Nestor had lived what he described as an active life. He was generally in good shape and made sure that fitness was a priority for him.

When he came to the U.S., he soon found himself working all the time. This sudden lifestyle change, one many of us can sympathize with, soon resulted in Nestor packing on pounds at an alarming rate.

“I was feeling frustrated just finding clothes that fit,” he said. “My self-esteem was really low. That’s when I decided to get back to my previously active lifestyle.”

When he joined upon XP Fitness, Nestor jumped on the chance to create a better life for himself by rededicating himself to his health. “I had a little understanding about fitness, but I had to go for help. I basically had to learn how to eat again,” he said. “I basically had to start again.”

Nestor’s determination paid off, as he recently hit a milestone in his journey – 100 pounds lost since he started at XP. And while pounds and numbers are nothing next to the way the pursuit of better health makes you feel, shedding that much has created a drastic improvement in Nestor’s lifestyle and personal happiness.

“Now, I feel great,” he said. “It’s helped me in every aspect of my life.”

Our hats are off to Nestor – your journey is an inspiration to all of us.