Hour of Power: Raising Funds, Helping Heal

It’s not always about working up a sweat. Sometimes it’s about more than that.

This past Saturday, it was about much more than that.

To raise funds for Walk for Dom, the gym hosted a special boxing class and workout session that incorporated the fundamentals of the sport into an open discussion on how negative energy and aggression can have a tragic impact on the world.

Dominique Williams was just a teenager when he was shot and killed at Coligny Beach Park. In an instant, everything he could have ever experienced, every good deed he could have ever done, was wiped away by a moment of brutality and hatred.

The charity set up in his name looks to conquer hatred with love, spreading a message of understanding and building from our common foundation. We happen to agree with Walk for Dom that peace and understanding can accomplish anything, so it was a joy to partner with them on this special Hour of Power fundraiser.

For one amazing hour, Dom’s family and friends joined XP members and trainers in honoring a young man taken before his time, raising funds to keep his memory alive and working up a good sweat learning the fundamentals of boxing.

Check out the slideshow below, and visit walkfordom.org to learn more ways to contribute.