XP Member Chad Just Crushed His Personal Record

Every once in a while, we just love to give a shout out to one of our members when they hit a personal best. And when they crush that record only to jump up and ask for more, we can't help but get just a little bit motivated. And by that, we mean a lot motivated.

Chad here just hit the holy grail for weightlifters - 300 pounds; no joke. Chad's been killing it at the gym and has been a major motivational force at XP. When he joined the 300 club, we assumed he was going to go out and celebrate with some steak and beer. 

But not our boy Chad. His idea of celebration? A proud declaration of "More chest!" before rocking a few more reps on the cable flies.

Chad, congrats on not only hitting your personal milestone, but also turning it into motivation to work even harder. You're a huge inspiration!